Budgeting: Doing more with less and less and less…

It’s no secret that things are tough out there for some companies.  I’m in the retail world, and it’s one of the worst spaces.  Finding profits are tough, and that means that tech is one of the first things to suffer.  If it’s not broken or required to be replaced due to end of life, it’s not going to get any love.  Although it’s not ideal, I still think it is a process that everyone should have to go through.  I am amazed at the creative ideas you can come up with when you don’t have the money or the resources to make it happen.  What’s better is that when profits come back around, your much more cautious as to what you will buy and how you deal with those trying to sell.  It’s a different perspective in feast times after going through famine.

If you’re a bit rough on your negotiation skills, a famine will help you quickly polish them.  The beauty is that you will also be able to use these for personal decisions as well.  When your concerned about the well being of your company and job, you start to save more, and stop the waste (or at least you should). Once good times come back around, you will be a little more cautious when you do and don’t splurge.  I’ve started always playing the game like I don’t have any money to spend / or have to hold what I have.